PBIS is an award-winning recognition and rewards program. It is a student centred website and app where students receive points for good behaviour to purchase rewards that are meaningful to them.  The more good things a student does, the greater the quantity and quality of rewards available to them. This includes exclusive offers, badges and prizes. This empowers our teachers to recognise and encourage positive behaviour from students.

Our staff reward the following behaviour expectations (please see PBS for more information): 

  • Actively listen;
  • Actively participate;
  • Being on time;
  • Bringing all equipment;
  • Following fair and reasonable instructions;
  • Manners;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Report bullying and conflict;
  • Taking care of our college;
  • Wearing college uniform;
  • Working cooperatively.

For more information about PBIS:

Student’s login

Students can track their achievements, points balance and read teacher feedback by accessing the website or app. Students can purchase rewards online, and purchases will be sent to the college for collection.
To enquire about student login information for PBIS, please contact your home room teacher to make a request.

Parent’s login

Parents can track their child’s school achievements and read teacher feedback by accessing the website or app. They can reinforce the good work done at school by pledging their own rewards at home.

To enquire about login information for PBIS, please contact Coodanup College on 9581 0900 to make a request.