Meet The Team

The SAER Team is to support students to achieve academic success, behavioural support and mental, social, physical and emotional well-being.

SAER (Students at Educational Risk) is Coodanup College’s pastoral care structure. SAER takes a multidisciplinary, wrap-around service delivery approach, incorporating all of the skills and knowledge from different members of the team who come from diverse professional backgrounds.

The SAER team supports and advocates for students who are identified as being at risk. ‘At risk’ can mean socially, medically, emotionally or academically at risk of not reaching their potential.

How Does SAER Operate?

The SAER Team meets on a fortnightly basis to allocate student referrals to relevant team members. We appoint an appropriate and skilled Case Manager to support students who have been referred.

The SAER Team is also responsible for the development of wider school community projects (for example, programs). Representatives from outside agencies are invited to this meeting to advise of their services and referral systems.

SAER uses a wide variety of interventions such as:

  • Group programs (Drumbeat, Peel Youth Services – Ground Shock, Goals for Girls Program)
  • One-to-one counselling, mentoring and guidance
  • Individualised plans to meet student needs
  • Advocacy and promotion of youth issues and pressures both individually and globally
  • Referrals to outside agencies
  • Risk assessments and needs analysis

SAER and Behaviour Management

SAER acknowledges that the nature of the teacher and student relationship is important in behaviour management outcomes. Behaviour management is the classroom teacher’s responsibility, with the support of the Curriculum Leaders, Year Coordinators and the relevant Deputy Principal. Referrals to SAER should be made for any identified underlying issues.

SAER Case Managers may work with the classroom teachers to develop strategies to manage student behaviour and enhance educational outcomes. Case Managers may also work with the teacher to develop documented plans (for example, Individual Behaviour Management Plans).

The young person is always encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour.


Interested parents/ guardians are welcome to contact the relevant Year Coordinator or Deputy Principal to discuss the possibility of a SAER referral.

Aboriginal Education Committee (AEC)

The AEC is Coodanup College’s mentoring structure for Aboriginal students. The AEC has a strong focus upon high attendance, engagement and academic outcomes for all Aboriginal students. Each student is appointed a mentor from the AEC to guide and support students to reach their full potential. The AEC has strong links with the Clontarf Academy who are based at the college.

The 2020 SAER Team

Deputy Principal Junior School Mark Utley
Deputy Principal Senior School Kelly Bennett
SAER Coordinator  Jessica Halliday
 School Psychologist  Dana Wylie
 Chaplain Mark Sena
Kim Baggaley
 Student Engagement Officer  Katrina Wilson
 Learning Support Coordinator  Maree Key
 School Nurse  Donna Stokeld
Inspire Academy Coordinator  Chris Bennett

The 2020 Year Coordinators

Year 7 Leader  Fleur Henry
Year 8 Coordinator  Megan Cousins
 Year 9 Coordinator  Megan Cousins
 Year 10 Coordinator  Jeremy Collins-Britton
 Year 11 Coordinator  Karen Lowe
 Year 12 Coordinator  Christina Rossow

Aboriginal Education Committee

Deputy Principal – Aboriginal Education Kelly Bennett
Clontarf Director (Year 10, 11 & 12) Craig Callaghan
Clontarf Academy Operations (Year 7, 8 & 9) Kevin Dalgetty
 Goals for Girls Program Lisa Webster
Teacher Coral Richards
AIEO Luwanna Wilson
AIEO Alan Davis
AEC Member Elsie Ugle