Our canteen offers freshly prepared food onsite daily and has healthy affordable options encouraging students to make healthier food decisions. Events are also catered by our canteen throughout the year with the highlight being the end of year, Year 12 Award Ceremony

Daily specials are offered along with both a summer and winter menu with specials requiring a 9.00am deadline.

The College canteen supports the State Government policy and standards for healthy food and drinks provided in WA public school canteens and food services. The policy includes a food and drink categorisation system based on ‘traffic lights’.

(G) – GREEN predominantly fills the menu;
(A) – AMBER select carefully and restrict sales;
(R) – RED off the menu.


Local Mandurah artist Emma Blyth was commissioned to work with students to develop an artistic take on what food and the area that they live in come to life in a beautifully colourful mural which proudly sits above the canteen service windows.

Our canteen will go live this year as ONLINE ordering will be available for those students/parents who would like to order in advance. The cut-off for ordering is 8.00am on the day. Orders can still be made directly at the Canteen between 8.00am and 8.30 am. If you want to view or print our menu please click on this link 2021 Canteen Menu.

It will take you a few minutes to set up an account. You can add as many children as you want to the account. You can either add just the exact payment or allocate some funds to your account and the charges will be deducted after each purchase. Payment methods are Direct Deposit (Fee Free), Credit Card (1.50 % Processing Fee) or PayPal (3.80% Processing Fee).

If you have any queries in regards to QuickCliq don’t hesitate to call them on tel: 1300116637. To get started please click on one of the pages below. This will take you directly to the QuickCliq website. Follow the instructions to create an account. After the initial registration you can download the QuickCliq App on your phone and complete your canteen orders from the App.