The Centre for Literacy and Numeracy (CLAN) provides an opportunity and environment for students who wish to experience academic success.In the smaller class no child will be left unknown as a learner or as a person. Students will be supported by experienced teachers who will develop personalised programs to enable individuals to achieve his or her potential.

CLAN’s primary focus is to develop literacy and numeracy levels, along with the desire and confidence to use those skills in lifelong learning. Students will participate in targeted curriculum that is challenging and meets their individual needs and abilities. The program is a safe and collaborative learning environment with the goal of preparing students to re-enter mainstream when they demonstrate increased academic ability. 

Special Benefits of the Program

CLAN provides specialist knowledge of current research and educational practice in learning difficulties. The program also provides regular diagnostic assessments, allowing for targeted teaching. Students are admitted into reading program Making Up for Lost Time in Literacy (MULTILit), where they receive one-on-one explicit teaching instruction.

Social Emotional Benefits

CLAN staff focus on building relationships and relevant curriculum. Students, parents and teachers have an increased opportunity to communicate. Students are working with staff who are passionate, caring, creative and patient. CLAN also aims to increase self-esteem, confidence, hope and ambition.

Admissions to the Program

Applicants will be considered for entry based on the results of Year 7 NAPLAN testing, as well as primary school recommendations. Teacher referrals throughout the year will also be considered, and followed up by diagnostic testing and evaluation.