The Focus program is directed towards fostering and developing in young people those skills and abilities which enable them to move towards their career goals on a pathway of lifelong learning and success. It allows for course flexibility and adjustment to individual needs where necessary.

A one, two or three year course will give Year 10, 11 and 12 students the option of completing WACE graduation and/or VET Certificates to suit their career industry areas. All compulsory components are taught under the one teacher method.

Inclusive in the program for Year 10 is English, Mathematics. Science and HASS. Students will then select two additional elective subjects. Year 11 and 12 students have the option of Foundation or General courses. 

Foundation students will study English, Mathematics, Career and Enterprise, an endorsed program (Community Services) and a Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways over Year 11 and 12.  Students then select another WACE subject or VET Certificate to study. 

The General course has English, Mathematics and Career and Enterprise as the compulsory components. Students will then pick three additional elective subjects that interest them or compliment their career objective.

Both the Foundation and General courses will give students better opportunities to access their desired career path in work experience, traineeships, apprenticeships or further training in a TAFE course.  The General course also provides opportunities to enter University via an alternative pathway.

The purpose of The Focus Program is to help individual students to access the relevant programs to suit their individual needs and to achieve their career, education and personal goals. 

Focus aims to:

  • Engage students in a non-traditional setting
  • Improve attendance of students
  • Tailor an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Make sustainable links with Industry, Communities, and Agencies

Enrolment Process
Enrolment into The Focus Program begins with a referral. Students may be referred by parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, Participation Coordinators or self-referral.

Once received, an appointment for interview with the student and their parent/guardian will be organised with the Senior School Deputy Principal (or at course counselling) to assess the needs of the student, identify possible Educational Pathways, and to ascertain whether The Focus Program, as a flexible, integrated learning program, is the best option for the student.