Specialised Learning Program

Specialised Learning Program – Autism (SLP – A)

Coodanup College offers the Specialised Learning Program – Autism (SLP – A) to support students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to achieve their academic goals. This state-wide initiative is an evidence-based program which reflects academic research and is supported by the School of Special Education Needs – Disability (Autism Education Services). Students eligible for this program have the academic potential to participate and achieve success in mainstream schooling and beyond, although are at risk of underachieving or disengaging due to barriers with communication and/or social competency, preventing a full access to the curriculum or reaching their potential.

The SLP-A focuses on the achievement of positive academic, behavioural, social and emotional outcomes for each student to maximise independence and provide a transition to further education and ultimately employment. Data will be collected on all students to monitor progress and to set targets. Each student’s individual program is based on their unique goals, strengths and needs and encourages the development of interests to complement their High School experience. A key feature of the program is to successfully transition students out of the program into mainstream teaching, whilst still providing ongoing support if this is appropriate. Parent/Guardian communication is paramount within the program and the expectation is that Parent/Guardians will work closely with staff to maximise a student’s progress.

A key feature of the SLP – A is the ‘homeroom’, which is an accessible, comfortable, supportive and safe place for students to access learning opportunities during class and break times. The homeroom will be equipped with IT equipment, a down time area and a safe place to study or self-regulate if required. Students in the program will be encouraged to invite friends to the homeroom during breaks to socialise.

The program is supported by a Program Coordinator and three teachers experienced in working with students with Autism, as well as experienced Education Assistants who work collaboratively throughout the College and community to promote learning for each student which is delivered across three settings:

  • Learning within the mainstream secondary school setting
  • Learning within the homeroom
  • Learning within the community (as part of transition planning) 

Expression of Interest for the program:- SLP-Autism Expression of Interest Form

If you have any queries about this program, please contact: –

Varushan Moodley
Program Coordinator SLP-A and ASD
P:  (08) 9581 0900