Success Centre

Success Centre

The Success Centre is directed towards fostering and developing in young people those skills and abilities which enable them to move towards their career goals on a pathway of lifelong learning and success. The course will help Year 10, 11 and 12 students “fill the gaps” in their education in Literacy, Numeracy, Life Skills and Work Readiness. This will give them better opportunities to access their desired career path in work experience, trainee-ships, apprenticeships or further training in a TAFE course.

The purpose of The Success Centre is to help individual students to access the relevant programs to suit their individual needs and help them achieve their career, education and personal goals.

Enrolment Process

Enrolment into The Success Centre begins with a referral. Students may be referred by parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, Participation Coordinators or self-referral.

Once received, an appointment for interview with the student and their parent/guardian will be organised with the Senior School Deputy Principal to assess the needs of the student, identify possible Educational Pathways, and to ascertain whether The Success Centre, as a flexible learning program, is the best option for the student.

The Senior School Deputy Principal may facilitate connections to other providers, agencies or off – site programs. If the program is deemed suitable for the student, and a place is available, they will be admitted to the program on completion of full application forms and procedures.

If the enrolment is mid – semester, commencement in the program will be tailored to suit the new enrolment and the current cohort.


Student fees for The Success Centre are $235.00 per year. This can be arranged with a payment plan (per term, regular instalments rather than one payment). Please contact Coodanup College Registrar for more information on (08) 9581 0900.

What makes a Senior School Engagement Program different?

A Senior School Engagement Program (SSEP) aims to:

  • Engage students in a non-traditional setting
  • Improve attendance of students
  • Tailor an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Make sustainable links with Industry, Communities, and Agencies


Who is it for?

Students who find traditional mainstream schooling inappropriate due to:

  • Difficulty connecting with school
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of relevant course material
  • Difficulty with academic content
  • Inability to function effectively in a traditional classroom environment
  • Disengagement
  • At risk of becoming disengaged
  • History of poor attendance/retention

The Success Centre key features:

  • Provides a learning environment that is significantly different from student’s previous experiences of schooling
  • Adopts a balanced and personal approach to engaging and supporting students
  • Fosters resilience
  • Promotes protective behaviours especially in challenging social situations
  • The program provides opportunities for success
  • Assistance with personal problems
  • Enables students to engage with a program that is contextually relevant
  • Has a high degree of flexibility, allowing for student interests, needs and development
  • Allows flexible entry and exit
  • Allows for different modes of engagement e.g. combination work & school / school & training
  • Has a strong focus on the building of quality relationships between students and all staff
  • Immerses students in an environment that is supportive, non-judgemental, responsive, and one that is based on a positive approach to management of student behaviour

The Success Centre Curriculum

  • All students in the Senior School Engagement Program within The Success Centre (Year 11 and 12), will be enrolled in subject units within the Certificate of General Education for Adults (CGEA).
  • CGEA courses are designed to follow on from the middle years of schooling, providing a continuous educational experience for students.
  • The Non-Tertiary pathway is a general educational pathway suitable for students who want to enter TAFE or other vocational training, or employment at the end of Year 11 or 12. Certificates I and II units comprise this pathway, and offer the most appropriate course of action for students attending The Success Centre
  • For students who have struggled with their education, and who may not have well developed skills and abilities, The Success Centre will offer a pathway comprised of CGEA courses, Leadership Development, Work Skills Program, and Work Experience to the meet their needs. This pathway will be designed to enable students to achieve their Certificates (I or II) and develop their employability skills.

Some of the possible courses the student might consider may include, but are not exclusive to:

Certificate I in AUTOMOTIVE

Completion of this qualification covers a significant part of underpinning theoretical knowledge of the first year of apprentice training in this trade. This qualification aims to provide students with the initial Employability Skills and Knowledge that a prospective employer is looking for, and enhances apprenticeship opportunities. This certificate involves a package including English, Mathematics and
Workplace Learning.


This qualification has an emphasis on the practical aspects of building and construction, and will include an ‘on-site’ construction project as part of the training program. Focus trade areas include bricklaying and carpentry, and can include elements of wall and ceiling lining, as well as also plumbing drainage. The qualification is designed to enhance apprenticeship prospects in the Building and Construction industry, which is undergoing a current skills shortage.
This certificate involves a package including English, Mathematics and Workplace Learning.


This Certificate in Leadership Development provides students with opportunities to develop a range of skills that are required in a wide range of industries and career groups. This course provides students the opportunity to develop the personal, interpersonal and communication skills designed to support them in their future career and study choices. The qualification provides students the opportunity to develop personal skills suited to a wide variety of industry and occupational areas.

Certificate I in FOOD PROCESSING

Elements covered in the course:
Follow work procedures to maintain food safety and safe food handling requirements. Food handling requirements are identified and carried out according to the food safety program.
The workplace is maintained in a clean and tidy manner to meet workplace standards; identify, control and report food safety hazards; work area, materials, equipment and product are routinely monitored to ensure compliance with food safety requirements. Compliance with personal hygiene standards and personal hygiene meets the requirements of the Food Safety Program. Health conditions and/or illness are reported as required by the Food Safety Program. Clothing and footwear worn is appropriate for the food handling tasks and meets the requirements of the Food Safety Program.