Vision & Motto

At Coodanup College, we believe that a person’s education forms the foundation for a successful future.

It is our vision to foster a supportive community that empowers students to explore their strengths, dare to dream, and discover the positive impact that they can have on their own lives, the lives of others and that of the wider community. This vision is best captured in the words of Mark Twain:

School-Vision-VisualClick to enlarge mark-twain

As educators, it is our mission to facilitate this journey of discovery for our students. We take great pride in the enormity of our responsibility and thus are driven to do whatever it may take in assisting our students as they navigate the challenging landscapes of the world today; providing direction, knowledge and opportunities to grow.

Our College emblem reflects this through the elements of a compass. As our students negotiate life’s challenges, we support them by focusing on persistence and determination as being the key to them achieving their personal goals and dreams.