Student Leaders


Student leaders are positive role models within the College and the wider community who initiate activities to build a positive culture.

Every single young person in our school now has the opportunity to become a student leader and represent our school with dignity and pride.

Student leaders are selected from each year group, based on their leadership qualities, and will attend meetings to develop ideas to interact and build relationships within the community.

Leaders act as ambassadors of the College and assist with events to make a positive difference in their own and other people’s lives.

Student leaders participate in school activities where they are the first to welcome our school community and other stakeholders to our school, providing a good impression of what our college is all about. They show respect, initiative, and good manners.

Our student leaders will contribute to our school community and have the courage to be an upstanding citizen, demonstrate initiative, develop strength of character, earn the esteem of others, inspire others as a role model in our school and have their voice heard.

Students are challenged and expected to work collaboratively to inspire and motivate others in promoting a school culture of pride and belonging.

Student leadership provides students with a fantastic opportunity to develop their communication, teamwork, leadership, and other key employability skills to make them future ready for their next steps whilst owning their learning experience at Coodanup College.

We believe that all students have the capacity to lead within our school culture and we aim to develop individuals to explore, dream and discover throughout their school lives.