Communicating with the College

Communicating with the College

Educating young people requires a collective effort between home and school. Research shows that student achievement is improved when families and schools actively work together.

The first person you will speak with at the College will be a School Officer. This person may often be able to provide the information you are seeking. Examples of this are; taking absentee details, providing dates and times of events, organising payments of fees or excursions. If you are requiring to speak with someone regarding your child’s education or well-being, please ask for your child’s Homeroom Teacher in the first instance.

Each student at Coodanup College is allocated a Homeroom Teacher. This teacher will phone you at the earliest convenient time. Please appreciate that due to teaching commitments there may be some time prior to the teacher returning your call, and you might prefer to ask to have an appointment arranged for you to come in to meet with them.

Your child’s Homeroom teacher will seek clarification from you and arrange for you to be connected with the Year Coordinator if necessary. Should you have a concern that you feel needs to be addressed by a school administrator in the first instance let the office staff know you wish to speak to the Year Coordinator when they are first available. Should there be urgency, please inform the office staff when you call or alternatively ask for a meeting time to be scheduled for you. The Year Coordinator will liaise with the Junior or Senior Deputy when required.

I am aware that there are times when things trigger emotions due to the care families have for their child. Please be assured that we have most concern for every student and wish for a positive outcome in every instance. This requires calm and respectful communication between all parties to ensure a successful resolution to any issues that may arise. We would like to thank the vast majority of parents and carers for their support in this regard.