Many aspiring careers require solid foundations in Mathematics. Coodanup College offers students the opportunity to participate in a rigorous Mathematics program articulated as flexible sequences of learning. These are aligned to students’ interests, abilities, and developmental level. In years 7-10, mainstream Mathematics programs link directly to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. If students require additional support, they may be eligible to attend the Centre for Literacy and Numeracy (CLAN) in years 7-9. They may remain in this program or merge into mainstream classes when their understanding and skills have developed.


Once students enter senior school, they may choose to undertake Foundation Mathematics, General Mathematics, or ATAR courses. Mathematics is a human activity which is challenging, hard work, often fun, and very rewarding intellectually. By committing to learning Mathematics well, students will develop the knowledge and skills required to achieve success in Science and Technology with future prospects in the lucrative and sought after field of engineering.

Coodanup College has developed a Lego Team comprising of selected Year 7 and 8 students who work alongside first year Murdoch University Robotic Students. They design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, and other technical components and are encouraged to collaborate and solve problems creatively. Practical experience and a requirement to communicate effectively facilitates their preparedness for the future.