The Coodanup College Library is arranged in a comfortable, well‐lit area with accessibility for staff and students.

All areas of the Library are clearly marked so that the students become familiar with the shelving layout therefore accessing their choice of books and resources easily.

The Library offers students a huge variety of resources and services. These include:

  • Range of fiction books.
  • Up-to-date fiction from your favourite authors.
  • Classic fiction from famous authors.
  • Graphic novels which include a combination of pictures and words.
  • Picture books for all ages.
  • Reference books (Non-Fiction).
  • Educational and recreational magazines.
  • Internet access.
  • Photocopier/printer facilities/laminating facilities.
  • Games corner with Nintendo Wii for use at lunch time.
  • A selection of iPads, Laptops and MacBook computers.
  • A range of board games and card games to be used at lunch time.
  • A comfortable reading area.
  • Assistance from your friendly Library staff.

We always welcome your suggestions for new resources or changes to the Library.


Programs and Activities

The Library conducted a whole school student survey and from the results, has implemented a range of lunchtime programs including:

  • Arts and Craft Club.
  • Book Club.
  • Gamers Club.

The Library has introduced “Movie Week”. Movie Week will be scheduled twice per term where the students are able to come in to the Library over the course of the week and watch a new release movie.


Other/Opening Hours/Expectations

The Library is open from 8:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday, including lunch time. Students are more than welcome to come in and use the Library during these times; we only ask that you be respectful of College property and of other students trying to learn around you.

Smartrider Cards

Your Smartrider Card can be ordered through the Library. If your card is lost or stolen there is a $5.00 replacement fee which can be paid for at the Administration Office.